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Best Seinen Anime

Ranked By MyAnimeList

Seinen anime Focuses on Adult Mens, Story are to Mature & here are 5 best Seinen Anime by MyAnimeList.


The genre of seinen is aims at a more mature audience. Specifically, works within this sector are marketed and aimed at young adult men, spanning across people in their 20s to those in their 50s.

What is Seinen Anime ?

Type: TV
Episode: 74 Episode
Runtime: 30hr
Released in: 2004

#5 Monster

Type: TV
Episode: 24 Episode
Runtime: 9.6hr
Released in: 2019

#4 Vinland Saga

Type: TV
Episode: 26 Episode
Runtime: 10hr
Released in: 2005

#3 Mushi-Shi

Type: TV
Episode: 12 Episode
Runtime: 4.8hr
Released in: 2020

#2 Kaguya-sama: Love is War (Season 2)

Type: TV
Episode: 45 Episode
Runtime: 18.75hr
Released in: 2016

#1 March Comes in Like a Lion

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