17 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters Ranked

by Zishan

17. Saiko Yonebayash

Features: Reptilian tail like tentacles, hammer

16. Tsuneyoshi Washuu

Features: Natural born Kakuja

15. Kurona Yasuhisa

Features: Arms (Incomplete)

14. Donato Porpora

Features: Tentacles

13. Tatara

Features: Armor 

12. Kuki Urie

Features: Armored structure on his shoulder with a, sword

11. Roma Hoito

Features: Behemoth-sized Armor

10. Amon Koutarou

Features: Blades and Armor

9. Noro

Features: Mouths

8. Juuzou Suzuya

Features: Armor

7. Takizawa

Features: Blades & Armor

6. Matasaka Kamishiro 

Features: Orca Tail

5. Yoshimura

Features: Blades & Armor

4. Furuta

Features: Armor

3. Eto Yoshimura

Features: Blades and Armor

2. Kishio Arima

Features: Sword

1. Ken Kaneki

Features: Tails, Blades and Armor

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